By Sherrie Martin–

Summer is heating up and there is a new place in town to cool off: Steel City Pops. The gourmet popsicle shop, located on Bardstown Road, is the small chain’s first Kentucky location. Despite being new, it is already getting rave reviews.

So what make this place so special? Thalia Silab, a recent graduate of U of L and a frequent customer of Steel City Pops has the answer. Her favorite aspect of Steel City, aside from the pops of course, is the environment of the shop.

“I went on the opening day, and the staff is so cool. Even the owner had such an easygoing personality. Plus, the atmosphere of the shop itself fits Louisville so perfectly. It’s quirky,” said Silab.

Tiffani Brentlinger, a patron of Steel City Pops, agreed that the location is perfect as well. “Me, my husband and my son will go have dinner at one of the restaurants nearby, and this is the perfect place for a quick and refreshing dessert,” she said.

At Steel City Pops, there is an option for everyone. Vegan pops are available, and all of the pops are gluten-free and vegetarian. The pops are made from all-natural ingredients, and are never flavored or colored artificially, as well as being free of preservatives.

Steel City Pops has a variety of flavors for every taste. Creamy pops include flavors such as chocolate, blueberry cream, vanilla bean, chai latte and my favorite, toasted marshmallow. Fruity pops include flavors like blood orange, strawberry lemonade and sweet tea. For the adventurous spirit, there are pineapple-jalapeno and cucumber-lime pops.

“I always have to tell myself to try a new flavor every time I go because I always want to fall back and buy the avocado one. It was the first one I tried. It is perfectly smooth and because it has a little bit of lime, it has a perfectly punchy tang. It is reminiscent of key lime pie, but without the guilt of the actual pie because it is so low in calories and all natural,” said Silab.

Steel City Pops offers their regular pops for only $3, and cookie and brownie pops for $4.50. In addition, they serve a variety of coffee beverages. Tax is included on the menu for added convenience, and there is a customer appreciation program. On your first visit, be sure to get a punch card. After the purchase of 10 popsicles, you receive your 11th for free. Pops are also sold in bags of four in case you need a fix at home, and these are also included on the rewards card. Keep Steel City Pops in mind for your next on campus event, as well. Call the shop and arrange for them to cater.