February 28, 2016

New restaurants to check out on and around campus


By Danielle Schretzman–

There is no doubt we all love our Qdoba, Papa John’s and late-night Taco Bell. Sometimes, though, you just want to try something different. Thankfully, we live in such a dynamic city where there are always new and delicious restaurants opening (or re-opening) soon.

The new craze in Card Towne is Noodles & Company. Tom and Chee will be missed, but Noodles & Company offers a diverse menu of pasta dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving.

“It adds a very unique and relatively guilt-free option right off campus. It is so convenient and the service is always the best,” said junior Tyler Lonnemann. “I think it’s going to do really well there.”

Students are rave about their pasta and salad because they offer everything from traditional Italian pasta to classic mac and cheese to an array of Asian-inspired dishes. The meals are made-to-order, which allows you to beef-up your penne rosa with meatballs or make your Tuscan Fresca BUFF Bowl vegan.

If you’re in need of southern-comfort food, then you’ll be excited to know Raising Cane’s is opening up on Bardstown Road. Yes, that means you can have chicken tenders with the signature sauce, Texas toast and sweet tea to help you get through the mid-semester slump. The grand opening is March 1.

Not so new, but equally exciting Dairy Kastle will reopen March 1. With the weather getting warmer (well, on and off warmer) there is nothing that sounds better than everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure: ice cream. Whether you want a sundae, soft serve or a chili dog, it will be worth waiting in line. If you’ve never had Dairy Kastle, ask anyone on campus where their favorite place is to cool off on a hot day, nine out of 10 times they will say Dairy Kastle. Remember, it’s cash only, so bring your pocket change.

One last thing to check out is the Tapingo App. With this app, you can order food to be delivered to you at a small fee. There are a ton of options, and they are working on adding more. A wide range of options are available, such as Senor Iguanas and Denny’s. Eggs and bacon delivered to your house? That’s the dream.

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