Whether you’re an all-nighter veteran, or have diligently avoided this self-inflicted torture over the course of your college career, finals week has no mercy on your soul. If the time comes when you just need a good spot to rest your eyes, check out the best and worst places to nap on campus:

Best Places

1. Ekstrom’s fourth floor: More specifically, the leather chairs that encompass a student from every angle. The chairs are bigger than the human body itself, made for those who need to be completely isolated in order to focus. For those who don’t want to use their intended purpose, they make for the ideal napping spot. One can either lay their head on the desk (high school style) and sleep, or position themselves comfortably against the giant chairs. Either way, you’ll be sure to slip into a hyper-napping state. Not to mention, the fourth floor is exclusively silent, so you can reap that benefit while catching up on your sleep.

2. The hidden back alleys: Students far and few between know of these nooks and crannies located on Ekstrom’s third and fourth floors. If you discover these secret study spots, you will also find they are rarely occupied, and provide multiple chairs to form a small, and somewhat comfortable love seat.

3. Among the books: It may be a little awkward when the occasional student has to step over you, but if you’re that exhausted you might not wake up from your slumber to even care. Odds are, they understand and won’t mind stretching their stride. This option may require to use your backpack as neck support, or toting a small pillow of your choice. Similar to: sleeping in an airport.

4. Club E’s second floor: This definitely isn’t the best spot, hence the after hours name ‘Club E’. But it has chairs, and the ongoing noise will assist you in that half-alseep-half-awake state. Also, the area is 24 hours for those going the distance in their all-nighters.

5. Jazzman’s Cafe: Earning the last place on our list, would be the noisy SAC. It’s not the best, but the ample chairs and couches near Jazzman’s makes it a place to sleep it you’re desperate.

Worst Places

1. Tulip Tree Cafe: This spot isn’t ideal for a few reasons. It’s nearly impossible to get comfortable amongst the noise of the coffee machines, and the temperature is almost always chilling due to the glass wall.

2. First floor Ekstrom: The fluorescent lights will surely leave you angsty if you aim to nap here. While yes, the area has been extended and it might seem like a good idea to try it… Those at the Cardinal have already taken the liberty to tell you it will be a waste of good shut-eye.

3. Any academic building: Not only is it loud during the day, and closed at night, the heavy foot traffic will leave you paranoid of possible theft as you try to keep your eyes closed for more than five minutes.

If you’re feeling caught between a break in your schedule, and desperately need some sleep, refer to the list above. Although, it is recommended during finals week to stay on schedule, and away from all-nighters, as they might do more damage to you emotionally and academically in the long run… or over the next two weeks.