I trudged out of my bed and downstairs, with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders, on a Saturday morning. My eyes fiercely fought the paycheck that kept them open for an early-morning desk shift. I had forfeited the short walk to Quill’s for an extra 20 minutes of sleep, which I quickly regretted, when I remembered I’d be at the desk until noon. I was not looking forward to the four hours without breakfast or lunch.

But then I had a genius idea: I would try out that new breakfast delivery company, BizzyBee. I called BizzyBee, located just across the street from me, in Cardinal Center. They greeted me with a cheery voice, and suggested the french toast sandwich. I agreed, and quickly scanned the menu for drink options, before settling on a bottle of apple juice.

Within 15 minutes or less, a young man came to the door, wielding a steaming paper bag with a smiley face drawn on it. Under the smiley face, was the message, “Bizzy Bee loves you!”

After opening the bag, I could immediately tell that I loved Bizzy Bee too. The sandwich consisted of 3 slices of applewood bacon and a freshly-fried egg—not that egg-out-of-a-carton junk—packed between two slices of buttery, toasted cinnamon bread. The sandwich was even sliced in half, diagonally (the correct way). It was served with a ramekin of breakfast syrup, which I set aside. The sweet undertones of the applewood bacon matched perfectly with the cinnamon toast and apple juice to provide my breakfast with just the right amount of sweetness for a Saturday morning.

As food couriers go, Bizzy Bee was also cheaper and quicker than ArrowMyFood.com, and the customer service was easier to navigate. But if you want to save the $1.50, carryout is available.

The only downside was that they don’t sell hot drinks, like coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate. They do offer instant coffee or hot chocolate packets, but no pre-made hot beverages.

Regardless of lacking caffeinated options, I was amazed at my $5 purchase. For such quick and friendly service, truly homemade breakfast food, and a $1.50 delivery service, this college kid was quite impressed. If you’re not yet convinced, just think: BizzyBee is essentially a morning-time Insomnia Cookies. You don’t even have to put on real pants to get quality breakfast from outside your dorm room.