September 14, 2014

BizzyBee Delivers the Most Important Meal of the Day

Grace Flaherty —

People argue breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet according to the Huffington Post, 31 million Americans still skip breakfast every morning. Recently graduated student George Livingston has as solution to all of your breakfast problems, whether lack of skill, or lack of time. His solution is a breakfast delivery company called BizzyBee. He and his partner, Eric Schieman, hope to launch the business in October and will be waiting to take your order as early as 5 a.m.

Livingston explained there will be a trained cook who will prepare the meals every morning. Those meals will range from savory to sweet. Items such as Livingston’s favorite, the French Toast Sandwich, which features two thick cut French toast slices with fried eggs and bacon in between, will fill the menu. Another highlight off their soon-to-be-released menu is the Stuffed Cinnamon Roll. The customer can choose between a variety of ingredients such as apples, raisins and pecans to have hand stuffed and then baked into their cinnamon roll. Buyers can even choose to stuff a cinnamon rolls with eggs and bacon, for the more adventurous breakfast enthusiast.

Livingston also shared that the idea for this business actually started as a project for one of his Entrepreneurship classes he was taking through the University of Louisville. BizzyBee was born in his Entrepreneurship 402 class, where it was one of the six group projects for the class. Professor Sharon Kerrick, the associate director of Entrepreneurship at the University of Louisville, pushed him past his comfort zones.

Breakfast was one of the first meals Livingston learned to cook, and is still his favorite meal of the day. As the business grows, he hopes to begin using local produce and ingredients to support the community. He also hopes to support job-seeking students. Livingston said he is looking for other students to come work for him. He does already have one student working with him as previously mentioned, his business partner Eric Schieman, a current junior and the University of Louisville, who he met through the Finance program at the University.

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