Football faces a bye week

By on October 2, 2012

By Noah Allison–

Nobody likes a bye week. It is universally agreed that no football is a bad thing, but for the U of L team and faithful fans the bye week couldn’t have come at a better time.

The first five games of the season haven’t necessarily gone according to plan, but with five victories in as many attempts, nobody really has any room to complain. The Cardinals have had these five games to learn about themselves, to see where they need improvement, to learn how to win games when it comes down to it and most importantly to get ready for conference play.

The past two weeks on the road have proven tougher than anybody could have thought; the competition rose to the challenge of Louisville, and the weather played a hand in the game as well. The Cardinals couldn’t stay dry for the past two weekends; in fact, head coach Charlie Strong was considering buying boating insurance during halftime of last week’s Southern Mississippi monsoon. The games required 60 minutes of hard play and emotionally and physically would have worn out any mere mortal.

With more hype around this Cardinal team coming into the season than any other in recent history, game day can prove relaxing compared to their week of preparation. From the moment the players wake up to the moment they lie down at night, they are thinking football. Very few people understand the amount of time and work the players have to put towards the team, not to mention trying to also have a social life and, oh yeah, going to classes.

Despite not having a chance to stop and catch their breath, the Cardinals have still buckled their chinstraps and battled out victories in all of their showings. Now a needed and well-deserved rest is at hand for the Cardinals. They’re still practicing, still watching tape, still preparing, but knowing that they may get to take an extra nap or two over the next two weeks may be just what the Cardinals need to really peak.

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Photo: Austin Lassell/The Louisville Cardinal

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