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By on October 31, 2012

The football game against the University of Cinicnatti demonstrated the loyalty of many Cardinal football fans. Despite the rainy weather and cold temperature, 53,000 Louisville fans turned out for the exciting event.

By Noah Allison–

The football team is 8-0; they have put their hearts into this season and have left everything on the field in every game. Cardinal fans are getting the very best out of their team, and it is only fair that the team get the very best from their fans in return. It is time that the student section makes playing at home a true college football home field advantage. It is time to start having more of an effect on the game.

The University of Louisville men’s basketball team also attended Friday’s football game to support the Cards.

Members of the U of L women’s tennis team also displayed their Cardinal pride at the game.

The first and most important manner in which the student section could improve is keeping the energy level high throughout the entire defensive series. Being loud on first and second down, instead of waiting to start screaming on third down. It should be a constant struggle for the opposing quarterback to be able to clearly communicate with his offense. The opposition must detest playing at U of L, must fear playing the Cardinals at home. And more importantly, fans must be getting loud in one way or another. When every individual raises the noise level a tiny bit, it raises the overall noise level immensely. The crowd noise can directly create false starts, delay of games and forced time outs, we can literally be a part of the win.

However, when the offense is on the field, the student section and greater crowd could be a bit quieter. While I’m sure Teddy Bridgewater appreciates the “TEDDY” chants, just hushing up when Teddy and the rest of the offense is on the field is wise. Let Teddy be able to communicate easily and clearly with all of his offensive linemen and the rest of the offense.

The final things that a good student section needs to do are stay patient and have faith in Coach Strong and his team. They have played a lot of close games this year, and they have also won a lot of close games this year. They really do know what they are doing. Sometimes things don’t work, but it’s their job to figure how to make things work and win; and here at U of L, like most of the sports teams, the football team does their job well. There is never a reason to “boo”; all that does is create a negative environment in the air, which often leads to something bad. Boo a ref if they make a bad call, then get back to cheering on the defense.

None of these things can happen without the most important qualities for a student section to have: interest and investment in the game. The football team is a representation of us, the student body at U of L. They play for us, they work and practice hours on end throughout the week, all on top of being a college student as well.  The Cardinals take the field not just for themselves; they go out and battle for all of Card Nation, for the city of Louisville and the least fans could do is truly be there for them.

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Photo: Austin Lassell/The Louisville Cardinal

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