By: Hannah Walker–

The No. 6 Louisville Cardinal’s baseball won against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on March 26. They played at the Frank Eck Baseball Stadium and won with a final score of 7-4. This is the fourth baseball game they have won in a row.

U of L junior Michael Kirian was the starting pitcher. He was able to face 23 batters, make three strikeouts and have five groundouts during the first four innings pitched.

However, Louisville had a slow start to the game. Notre Dame scored a point during the bottom of the first inning and the Cardinals didn’t score during the first three innings.

By the fourth inning, U of L finally scored 4 points and took the lead. Sophomore catcher Henry Davis singled to left field and gave junior outfielder Luke Brown the chance to score.

Not long after, junior outfielder Trey Leonard singled to center field, advanced to second and gave junior infielder/outfielder Cameron Masterman the ability to score.

Louisville continued to play at their best when sophomore infielder Alex Binelas made a homerun to right field. This allowed sophomore infielder Cooper Bowman to score a point of his own as well.

As the game carried on, the Fighting Irish continued to score many points. 2 points were made by them during the bottom of the fifth inning, and 1 point was made by them during the bottom of the eighth inning as well.

Nonetheless, the Cardinals were able to catch back up towards the final minutes of the game. During the top of the ninth inning, freshman infielder Christian Knapczyk advanced to third and freshman pitcher Ryan Hawkins scored.

Louisville continued to trail ahead when Binelas filed out to center field and Knapczyk scored during the top of the ninth inning. This allowed U of L to win on a three-point lead.

U of L will continue to play against Notre Dame during this weekend’s game series. They will play again March 27 at 2:00 p.m. and March 28 at 1:00 p.m.

Photo Courtesy of Justin Krueger// U of L Athletics