February 23, 2021

What matchups decided the Super Bowl?

An American football stadium field with helmets and a football.

By Jacob Maslow — Branded Content

During the first weekend in February, all of the sports world’s eyes are always on the National Football League. The first Sunday in February is reserved for the Super Bowl. This year, the Super Bowl looked a little bit different. There were not as many fans in the stadium; however, the game was still a good one.

This year, the matchup featured the most significant age disparities at the quarterback position ever. A lot of people are focused on Patrick Mahomes, who was the brightest young star in the NFL, and Tom Brady, who has already etched his name in history as the winningest quarterback ever. At the same time, what other matchups played a role in the Super Bowl?


The Bucs Pass Rush Against the Chiefs Offensive Line

Many people immediately noticed how the offensive line of the Kansas City Chiefs could not stand up to the pass rush of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ultimately, the offensive line has been a strength of the Kansas City Chiefs this year, aided by the extreme mobility of Patrick Mahomes.

On the other hand, the Chiefs’ offensive line was also dealing with a significant number of injuries. They started three backup offensive linemen when the Super Bowl began to. This backup offensive line could not stand up to the dominant pass rush of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Patrick Mahomes had a very long day behind this patchwork line that could not keep him safe. They needed to protect Patrick Mahomes if they were to have a chance in this game, despite people asking what PK means in betting?


The Bucs Secondary Against Tyreek Hill

These two teams faced off once during the regular season. The Chiefs got out to an early lead and did not look back—one of the biggest reasons why has to do with their wide receiver, Tyreek Hill. The fastest player in the NFL, he went for 200 yards in the first quarter alone.

Indeed, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be able to deal with him better this time around. That is what happened, as Tyreek Hill was silent during the game.


The Game Ended UP Being a Rout

These are a few of the top matchups that people noticed during the Super Bowl gets. Even though the Super Bowl looked a little bit different this year, the game was still played. Tom Brady was able to hoist his 7th Lombardi Trophy. Time will tell if Patrick Mahomes will be able to get back to the big game at some point in the future and add to his young legacy as a star of the game.

Photo Courtesy of Jacob Maslow // Cosmic Press

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