By Maria Dinh —

Students had the chance Sept. 28-29 to vote on furniture that will be used in the new first-year residence hall being built by the Student Activities Center. The dorm is set to complete in 2021.

There were four vendors, named Vendors A, B, C and D, that showcased their beds, desks and chairs to students; students voted for their favorite vendor.

“Students can come and browse. Some of the vendors have giveaway items and students will then take a quick survey to cast their vote by scanning the QR code around the room,” Morgan Blair, assistant director of Campus Housing marketing, said. “Once they vote, they will be entered into a raffle to win gift cards and a technology prize.”

The brand representatives demonstrated their innovative furniture pieces which students found versatile and space saving.

“Vendor D” featured a loft bed/desk combination with steps that have extra drawer space. They also included a full-sized bed, which would be new for first year student housing.

“Vendor C” also featured a loft style bed/desk combination, but with two desks attached.

Near the entrance, “Vendor A” had a swivel chair that could detach into two pieces to become a floor rocking chair and a mini desk on wheels, while “Vendor C” was more focused on flexible desk seating and comfortable chairs that are good for back support.

All of the vendors’ wood finishes were not the standard stained pine wood that our current dorms have. While some may say it’s a small detail, the cozier finish makes moving on to campus feel more comfortable.

The most important features all of the vendors had showcased involved storage, which is very important for dorm living. There were drawers under beds, and some even had open shelving, perfect for putting books on and displaying knick-knacks to personalize their dorm.



Photos by Maria Dinh // The Louisville Cardinal