By Sarah McDowell–

Valentine’s Day is usually considered a western holiday, but there are many countries around the world that celebrate the day of love with their own unique traditions.

On Valentine’s Day in the Philippines, hundreds of couples gather in towns around the country to tie the knot. Although most brides don’t want to share their big day, it might be worth it for the small fortune the young couples save on a ceremony.

In a town south of the Philippines capital Manila, the local government will pay for the cost of the wedding reception, bouquets of flowers and even wedding cakes for the couples, according to TIME magazine. These ceremonies are intended for couples who would otherwise not be able to afford a wedding. 

Freshman Agustina Gomez Cisterna grew up in Argentina and said the Argentinian Valentine’s Day is not just one day, but a whole week of celebration.

“Back at home, we do the ‘week of sweetness,’ which is where you buy this specific chocolate candy and you give it to that special person,” said Cisterna. “In return, they have to give you a kiss. It could be on the cheek or the mouth, depending on the person of course.”

For those without a date this year, Estonia is the place to be.

Feb. 14 is called “Sõbrapäev,” or “Friend’s Day,” according to Business Insider, so that no one has to be left out of the celebration. Non-romantic relationships are celebrated, such as friends and family members, in addition to romantic relationships, so everyone can exchange gifts and celebrate love, no matter their relationship status.

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal