February 17, 2020

U of L student shows skills on “Lego Masters”

By Zoe Watkins —

A UofL senior is building Lego creations as a contestant on a new Fox game show.

Christian Cowgill said casting directors for the show “Lego Masters” approached him at the Brick Fair Lego Convention in Virginia last year.

He said he likes the tiny building blocks because of the limitless creativity.

“It began when I was 3 or 4. My mom has gotten me a Lego Jack Stone Fire Rescue First Responder truck and it was love at first build,” Cowgill said.

“It was a true honor to get to be a part of this competition, to be amongst so many creative people that share in the hobby was truly something special, we developed such a family that it was truly a competition where everyone wanted the best of each other, to perform and submit the best quality work, which in my mind makes the truly greatest competition of all time,” Cowgill said.

In this competition, 20 contestants build their own creations in teams of two. Each week sets a new challenge for them to accomplish to move on to the next round.  One team will be left standing at the end to win a cash prize and earn the title of Lego Masters.

“Me and my partner Aaron along with the other contestants on the show build different creations the brick masters give us,” Cowgill said.

He said that he loved being a part of the show and that every second of it was truly living the dream.

Since the show is new to the FOX network and started airing Feb. 5, there is still a lot left in store for this season.

“Viewers can expect to see amazing creations, dedicated teammates, high stakes, a lot of emotion and passion,” Cowgill said.

Two episodes have already aired so there’s still time to catch up before any more episodes come out.

Lego Masters will air again Feb. 19 at 9 p.m.

Photo courtesy of Christian Cowgill // The Louisville Cardinal

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