February 3, 2020

Metro college extends its contract another seven years

By Eli Hughes — 

The University of Louisville has extended the Metro College Program for another seven years. 

The program allows students from U of L and JCTC to work night-shifts at UPS in exchange for tuition, as well as weekly paychecks, bonuses and book reimbursement. 

Sophomore Desiree Rodriguez has been a Metro College student for four semesters. Rodriguez said she has had a good experience working for UPS. Even though it is hard work and required her getting used to the new schedule of working third shift, it also helped take away some of the stress that paying for college entails.

“Knowing that my school was getting paid for and taken care of allowed me to focus on other things, rather than where that money was going to come from,” Rodriguez said. 

The program’s new extension will last until the spring of 2027 and will allow many more students to earn their degree debt-free. 

“I think the extension of the program is a positive thing,” Rodriguez said, “Because it is a resource that is in place for someone who might not have the means to pay for school and are looking for that sort of help.”

File Photo // The Louisville Cardinal

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