By Eli Hughes —

Matthew Keck, the Louisville Cardinal’s news editor, received the Lewis M. Conn Scholarship for College Journalism Students. Keck is a senior at U of L and has served as news editor since the summer of 2019. 

The scholarship is provided by the Louisville chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and is awarded annually to one college student in the Louisville area.  Keck won based on his cover letter, resume, writing samples and a recommendation letter.  

Keck discovered his passion for journalism when he took his first news writing class in the fall of 2018. He was unsure about what he wanted to do for a career but took the class because he enjoyed writing. After another semester of news writing classes, he took the recommendations of his professors and started writing for the Cardinal.

Keck plans to graduate in May and intends to use the scholarship towards tuition for his last semester. After graduating, he wants to further pursue journalism but would prefer to pivot away from exclusively news writing. “My interests are elsewhere, more in the lifestyle, fashion, and arts,” Keck said. 

Receiving this scholarship has not only helped Keck financially but has helped him feel like writing is something he can do for a career. Keck said, “I think it just reinforces the idea that I do have potential as a writer.” 

Photo by Shayla Kerr // The Louisville Cardinal