By Jordan Geisler —

The University of Louisville’s official student section, the Ville’ns, is working hard to represent campus and show support for the sports teams.

President of the Ville’ns Andrew Wiemels has worked hard to raise awareness about the student section.

“It’s a project I’ve carried on from when it was basically nobody to now when we have a pretty good following,” Wiemels said. “We do a lot of marketing on social media. We’re very active at orientation, doing events and stuff like that.”

Since it started in January 2016, the Ville’ns have expanded from a small group of 10 guys to a solid group of 50 students. The group, which does receive some assistance from the athletics department via give-away items, is mostly funded out of members’ own pockets.

Most schools have a heavy student presence at football and basketball games, but the Ville’ns raise the bar by also attending games for men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, club hockey, softball, baseball, volleyball, rowing and cross country.

“You’ll go around the country and find some student sections where they won’t acknowledge soccer games or other sports, but we try to have somebody at just about everything,” Wiemels said.

The more underrepresented teams are grateful to have the support of the Ville’ns. Wiemels recalls multiple occasions where teams reached out to say thanks for coming to their games.

“We went to a cross country meet that our school’s team hosted last year and they were incredibly grateful to have us and get that little spotlight shown on them,” he said.

The Ville’ns focus is on attending home games, but Wiemels plans to initiate trips for away games in the coming year. He also plans to continue expanding the student section to further fulfill their mission statement: to support U of L athletes and make us the toughest place to play in the country.

For anyone looking to be part of the Ville’ns, you can reach them on Facebook or Instagram or find them at sporting events.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal