By Matthew Keck —

U of L stated Nov. 1 that regulations require the rebranded name be U of L Health – Jewish Hospital. 

The University of Louisville has announced Jewish Hospital will now be called U of L Hospital – Jewish Campus after the sale is completed Nov. 1.

“The name respects Jewish Hospital’s history as a leader in cardiovascular services, neurosciences and transplantation while also preserving its legacy of serving the community,” said Jill Scoggins, interim director of communications at U of L Health Sciences Center. She also said that U of L Hospital’s name will not be changing.

Under this rebranding and acquisition the two hospitals will be united as one but with two locations. Both locations will operate under the same leadership team and direction. This unification is to help restore and support the services, research, employees, physicians and programs at Jewish.

“Health care in Louisville has grown because of the commitment made by these organizations to improve the health of patients throughout the greater Louisville community and the passion they have to serve with excellence and compassion,” said President Neeli Bendapudi. “The University of Louisville and U of L Health will build on this foundation, to improve wellness for our community, by building a regional academic health care system based on treatment innovations, leading-edge research and patient-centered care.”

Since U of L can’t operate a religious entity under the Catholic faith, the name of Saints Mary and Elizabeth and Our Lady of Peace Hospitals were changed as well. Those hospitals are now U of L – Mary and Elizabeth and U of L – Peace Hospitals.

The chapels will remain. “As is the case at U of L Hospital, people of all faiths are encouraged to use the chapels as they choose,” said Scoggins. “Chaplains are on staff to support and honor the many different faiths and traditions observed by patients and employees.”

The other KentuckyOne Health properties being renamed are:

  • U of L Health – Frazier Rehab
  • U of L Health – Rudd Heart and Lung Center
  • U of L Health – Shelbyville Hospital
  • U of L Health – Medical Center Southwest
  • U of L Health – Medical Center South (Shepherdsville)
  • U of L Health – Medical Center East
  • U of L Health – Medical Center Northeast

The physicians practice associated with KentuckyOne will be renamed under the U of L Physicians brand to reflect the new alignment with U of L Health.

U of L announced in August it would be purchasing the struggling KentuckyOne facilities. They will be receiving $126 million in cash, debt-forgiveness and other sources over a four-year period from KentuckyOne.

In addition, U of L has made an agreement with the state government for a loan of $50 million, which will be partially forgivable. This loan cannot be approved by lawmakers until January 2020, two months after the close of this deal.

The sign changes on each facility will take place starting this week and will continue over the next several months. U of L Health will assume official ownership over these facilities as of Nov. 1.

File Photo // The Louisville Cardinal