By Mariam Prieto-Perez —

 The undefeated women’s soccer team beat Indiana University in the Battle of the Borders 1-0 on Thursday Sept 5.

The first half of the game had the Cardinals playing a defensive heavy game. The slowness of the game and the back and forth dynamic  between the teams made it difficult for the Cardinals to secure a score.

The Cardinals had the 61-39 ball possession. This possession should have given the advantage, but the Cardinals could not make a goal-gaining shot. 

In the second half, the Cardinals had 7-0 corner kick advantage. But the Hoosiers junior goalkeeper Bethany Kopel had a strong game finishing the game with two saves. 

Junior Emina Ekic scored the winning goal with a penalty kick.

After reviewing the game, head coach Karen Ferguson-Days said the biggest area for improvement of the Cards was slowness. Game speed was a striking issue, with only one goal made the whole game.

“We were a little bit too slow,” Ferguson-Days said. “Our decisions were a little bit too slow. We need to have the ball and create our own tempo, either by speeding up the tempo or slowing down the tempo. Our decisions with the ball need to be better.” 

The Cards will be facing off again at Lynn Stadium against Dayton on Thursday, Sep. 12 at 7:30 p.m.

Photo by Mariam Prieto-Perez // The Louisville Cardinal