September 10, 2019

Louisville Women’s Soccer wins against Dayton University

By Jocelyn Kronoveter–

Louisville women’s soccer (6-0)  brings home a confident win after going against Dayton (1-5-1) at the Lynn Stadium for a final score of 5-2.

The game began with Louisville scoring a goal less than a minute into the game from Taylor Kerwin, her first goal of the season. A foul called on one of Dayton’s defenders allowed Louisville to hold up their lead in the first half of the game.

Freshmen Maisie Whitsett scored another goal off of a penalty kick. Louisville expanded their lead to two goals over Dayton in the first 1o minutes.

Freshmen Delany Snyder got another shot in with an assist from Emina Ekic, getting a score for the Cards of 3-0. The first half ended with goalie Carly Becker and Gabby Kouzelos each saving one goal attempt made from Dayton.

Dayton scored its first goal of the game shortly into the second half. The Cards reinforced their lead after Sarah Hernandez scored shortly after Daytons goal, making it Louisville’s fourth of the game.

Halfway into the second half Louisville was given a corner kick made by Ekic, in which Hernandez then sent the ball past Dayton defenders, then getting her second goal in for the game and season. This gave Louisville a lead of 5-2.

Head coach, Karen Fergudon-Dayes, has spent 19 seasons with the women’s soccer team for Louisville, improving the team’s record nearly every season she has coached. 

Dayes explained that energy was a weakness for the Cardinals in the second half. She explained that play-by-plays is something the team is looking to gain steam off of.

The women are starting the season off with a bold six game winning streak. While some of the wins came on shaky ground the team is proving their competition by not letting easy wins go.

Louisville will play Vanderbilt on Sunday Sept. 15 at 6:00 p.m. at Lynn Stadium.

Photo by Anna Disselkamp / The Louisville Cardinal

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