February 20, 2019

U of L Named Top Producer of Fulbright Scholars

By Maggie Vancampen —

The University of Louisville is one of the top Fulbright universities for the fifth year an email sent Feb. 11 said.

In 2018 U of L had 11 winners that went to nine different countries.

U of L was also considered a top producer in the 2010-2011; 2011-2012; 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 academic years.

Fulbright scholars are students that are graduating soon or have recently graduated. This program allows students to go and do their own research or teach English in a different country. According to their website, the program is an exchange program sponsored by the government. “It is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries,” their website said.

Charlie Leonard, director of the office of national and international scholarship opportunities, said, “We were pretty sure we would make the top producers list when we ended up with 11 Fulbrights last year.”

“Our university really pulls out all the stops to help students aspire to their highest potential. When we see our name on a list with institutions like Brown, Princeton and Georgetown, it’s very gratifying.”

The email said that 121 U of L students have been Fulbright winners since 2003. The email said this is more than other Kentucky universities combined.

To apply, Leonard said, “Students can apply as graduating seniors, graduate students, or recent alums. Some of our successful applicants have started participating in information sessions and getting practice on applications as sophomores or juniors.”

Bethany Smith from the office of the national and international scholarships and fellowships said, “Over 1,900 U.S. students, artists and young professionals in more than 100 different fields of study are offered Fulbright Program grants.” She said the student program operates in over 140 countries.

U of L has about 20 (one email said 21, the other said 22) semi-finalists so far for this academic year. They will receive their results by spring or early summer.

Fulbright photo from website

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