October 22, 2018

U of L students do the “Time Warp” again

By Joseph Garcia —

As part of their monthly After Hours at the Speed event, the Speed Art Museum teamed up alongside the Student Activities Board and Acting Against Cancer to perform the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Oct. 19.

“This went really well. We partnered with SAB and they were so gracious to provide prop bags and bring in so many U of L students,” event organizer and Speed Art Museum’s curator of film Dean Otto said.

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time for the unique musical and cult-classic film to get into the spooky mood. Rocky Horror Picture Show follows young sweethearts Brad and Janet as they survive an unplanned night at “sweet” transvestite scientist, Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s castle.

Throughout the show, Brad and Janet lose their innocence and discover the truth about Frank-N-Furter and his experiments.

The show is all about audience interactiveness. While actors performed the show on stage, the film played behind them on a large screen. The performers mimicked scenes from the film rather than traditional theatre where people speak and sing. It’s also one of the few shows that actually encourages audience members to dress up, interact with actors, get out of their seats and participate.

During the show, long-time fans called out jokes and poked fun at the characters on stage, at times even making the actors break character and laugh. In the prop bags given out at the door, there were little trinkets for audience members to use at certain points during the show.

For a few U of L students, this was their first time being exposed to a show so interesting and interactive.

“It was definitely a fun atmosphere. A little jarring in the beginning because I didn’t expect it to be so interactive, but the environment was overwhelmingly accepting and fun, and filled with laughs all night long,” freshman Brittney Grant said.

Grant has seen other shows before but she said she hadn’t experienced a show where the film played behind the actors.

“Having the film playing behind them was actually really helpful for following the plot. It was almost like a 2-for-1 experience.”

If you missed out on the opportunity to see the show at the Speed Art Museum, there will be another performance by Acting Against Cancer at Louisville PLAY! this weekend. Rocky Horror Picture Show is a must see this Halloween season, especially if you have yet to see it. So get out there, get loose and do the time warp.

Photo by Arry Schofield / The Louisville Cardinal

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