September 16, 2018

Students discover the impact of culture in dance

By Daniel Cruse —

The Dazzling Cardettes and the K-Pop Dance Team came together for their Diversity Dancing event Sept. 11, where they discussed the history of their dance styles and performed.

Senior and SAB Diversity Chair Poonum Haldankar organized the event with help from vice chair Emmanuella Hyacinthe.

“The event’s purpose is to expose students to different types of dancing, and not only to show them the dances, but to teach them why dancing is important to culture,” Hyacinthe said.

The Dazzling Cardettes talked about majorette dancing and the types of dances they would do that evening. After the initial presentation, the Cardettes stood to demonstrate a dance for the attendees to learn. The style they displayed incorporated many elements of hip-hop, jazz, and creative dancing to make for a very energetic and powerful eight count dance.

“We are hoping to introduce people to the history and the style of majorette dancing, while keeping the event lively by teaching them a dance as well,” Cardettes co-captain Ashleigh Dickey said.

The Cardinal K-Pop Dance Team followed up with another brief overview of the style and a demonstration of a few moves.

“K-Pop dancing is very accessible and easy for people to pick up on, and it is a social experience too, allowing us all to make friends and meet new people through dancing,” senior and K-Pop team member Katelyn Lucas said.

Photo by Daniel Cruse / The Louisville Cardinal

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