By Arry Schofield —

If you’ve returned to campus this year, you’ve without a doubt seen or experienced the changes to parking. Maybe you’ve been unsure of where to park, couldn’t find a space or couldn’t get a parking pass altogether. Here’s what you need to know:

If you still need a parking pass, you’re required to pick it up.

If you ordered your pass before August 6, passes were mailed to the given address. If you were late you’ll have to pick it up at the parking office. Lines at the parking offices have been long every day for the first week of school so try to show up early.

UPS students have reserved parking.

With less parking spaces, UPS students may have had trouble finding a space close to their dorm. To help them, U of L allotted the front section of the Bettie Johnson parking lot for UPS students only. If you’re parked there and you don’t have the UPS sticker on your parking pass, you might catch a ticket.

Green spaces have become blue.

Green lots, formerly for graduate students, will become blue and shared with faculty and staff. Because of this change, the third floor of the Floyd Street Parking Garage will be for blue permits only. The parking lot between Reynolds Lofts and J.B. Speed School will also be available. Seniors, you’ll still be able to buy purple passes, but green stickers are no longer available.

Good luck, residents.

Campus residents with yellow passes may notice spaces beginning to be blocked off in preparation for a new parking lot, as announced in an email earlier in the summer. Luckily, yellow permits are also permitted to park in the football stadium lot.

Those with yellow passes aren’t the only residents who have been affected. The lot between Miller Hall and the SAC, which was formerly orange, is now a lot for visitors only. To compensate the roof of the Floyd Street Parking Garage is open for resident parking.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal