By Taylor Webster, Joseph Garcia & Arry Schofield — 


Freshman year is very stressful. The thing I wish I knew freshman year that I know now is there is a Cardinal grocery store you can buy groceries with using your Cardinal Card. It is located right next to the Ville Grille. Here, you can purchase milk, eggs, toilet paper, tooth paste and other essential groceries. This store is a walk-able distance from all freshman dorms.

Buying groceries here is easy because you can use your cardinal card and you can walk. The closest Kroger to campus is by the baseball stadium. To get here freshman year I would take the bus there and back. You can imagine how taxing this was — carrying groceries on a bus and waiting on the bus. #NeverAgain


Coming into freshman year, I was extremely anxious about moving from a small town in Eastern Kentucky to Louisville, so I wish I had known it wasn’t going to be as scary.

It’s definitely a change, but it isn’t one I should have been so worried about. Some of my best experiences have been where I was able to get off campus and explore the city or even just simply meeting new people.

I also wish I had known that although college is extremely stressful, it is manageable all you have to do is find your rhythm and stick with it for the semester and everything works out.


Before I even started college, I bought a textbook for every class. I learned quickly though college students didn’t actually use them. Wait for the class to start before you buy. Chances are, your professor won’t even mention a textbook. Seriously, you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

If your professor is weird about buying a textbook, rent it. No one needs a brand new book, especially when you can rent one for as low as $20 a semester. Sometimes the person who had it before you will write the answers in the book, so you really can’t go wrong.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal