March 19, 2018

Who wore it best? Listing the best to wear each number, part one

By Dalton Ray —

Jersey numbers are a huge part of sports. When a player chooses a number, they aren’t just representing themselves, but everyone who donned the jersey prior to them.

For Louisville athletics, who wore each number best?

I’ve compiled a list, 0-100, of the best student-athletes to wear each jersey number.

A part of a five-week series, the list will be released 25 at a time. Numberless student-athletes (tennis, track, swimming, etc) will also be included. On the fifth week, I will release the top 10 best jersey numbers.

The criteria of this list include overall accomplishments and impact, not the most recognizable. With that, let’s jump into it.

Numberless – Kelsi Worrell, swimming (2012-16)

Two-time national champion. Is there anything else to say?

Numberless – Austen Childs, men’s tennis (2007-11)

The program’s only two-time All-American, tied for most all-time singles wins.

No. 0 – Terry Rozier, men’s basketball (2013-15)

Nearly led U of L to the Final Four in 2015, averaged 17.1 points per game as a sophomore.

Honorable mention(s): Audrey Rendon (softball, 2004-07)

No. 1 – Terrence Williams, MBB (2006-09)

One of the program’s best athletes since 2000, Williams was a four-year stud and an All-American as a senior.

HM: Ayeisha McFerran (field hockey, 2015- ), Frank Minnifield (football, 1979-82)

No. 2 – Russ Smith, MBB (2010-2014)

A consensus All-American and national champion, Smith is fifth all-time in scoring.

HM: Corey Ray (baseball, 2014-16), Myisha Hines-Allen (women’s basketball, 2013-18)

No. 3 – Peyton Siva MBB (2009-13)

The leader of the 2013 national title team, Siva is a second all-time in assists.

HM: Paolo DelPiccolo (men’s soccer, 2009-12)

No. 4 – Lancaster Gordon MBB (1980-84)

Gordon led U of L in scoring on the 1980 national title team.

HM: Tommy Barnes (BSL, 1991-93), David Padgett (MBB, 2004-07)

No. 5 – Teddy Bridgewater, football (2010-13)

A fan favorite, Bridgewater helped Louisville shock the world by downing Florida in the 2013 Sugar Bowl.

HM: Bergan Foley (LAX, 2008-11), Andrew Farrell (MSOC, 2010-13)

No. 6 – Kaylin Morissette, women’s lacrosse (2013-16)

One of the most decorated players in program history, Morissette is the program’s only three-time All-American.

HM: Alicja Wolney (SFT, 2011-14), Stuart Langrish (MSOC, 1997-00)

No. 7 – Chris Redman, FB (1996-99)

Redman rewrote the record books in his time at U of L, throwing for 12,451 yards and 84 touchdowns.

HM: Courtney Moore (SFT, 2004-07)

No. 8 – Lamar Jackson, FB (2015-17)

Speaking of record books, the 2016 Heisman winner owns the Louisville football record book.

HM: Charlie Tyra (MBB, 1953-57)

No. 9 – Lola Arslanbekova, volleyball (2009-12)

Multiple All-American selections and she is one of the program’s all-time best players.

HM: Lena Ustymenko (VB, 2002-05), Colin Rolfe (MSOC, 2009-11)

No. 10 – Arnold Jackson, FB (1997-00)

Jackson took advantage of the air-raid offense and sits in the top 10 of all receiving records.

HM: Gorgui Dieng (MBB, 2010-13), Junior Bridgeman (MBB, 1972-75)

No. 11 – Mark Jurich, baseball (2000-04)

Two-time All-American and was named to the C-USA All-Decade team (1995-2005).

HM: Becky Burke (WBB, 2008-12), Jeff Brohm (FB, 1990-93)

No. 12 – Brian Brohm, FB (2004-07)

Top 10 in all-time passing yards and touchdowns, Brohm led Louisville to a 2007 Orange Bowl win.

HM: Jazz Covington (WBB, 2003-07), Keola Calderon (SFT, 2000-03)

No. 13 – Sam Madison, FB (1993-96)

Three-year starter and set the record for most career interceptions (16) before being broken in 2000.

HM: Kristen Wadwell (SFT, 2006-10), Lacy Wood (SFT, 2003-06)

No. 14 – Sara Nord, WBB (2000-04)

Program’s assist leader, Nord is one of the best players of the 2000s.

HM: Butch Beard (MBB, 1966-69)

No. 15 – Faye Brust, LAX (2012-15)

Brust dominated while at U of L, netting 143 goals.

HM: Dave Ragone (FB, 1999-08)

No. 16 – Johnny Unitas, FB (1951-54)

The only retired jersey in football’s history, Unitas is one of the school’s most famous alumni and his statue sits inside Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

No. 17 – Chris Dominguez, BSL (2007-09)

The program’s RBI-leader, Dominguez was one of the first MLB products under coach Dan McDonnell.

HM: Stefon LeFlors (FB, 2002-05)

No. 18 – Janelle Avila, field hockey (2004-07)

The all-time leader in points (172), Avila was the team’s first First Team All-American.

No. 19 – Michael Bush, FB (2003-06)

Bush is top 10 in career rushing yards and third with 39 rushing touchdowns.

HM: Chelsea Bemis (SFT, 2008-11), Ashley Herbst (LAX, 2011-14)

No. 20 – Milt Wagner, MBB (1981-86)

One the leaders on the 1986 title team, Wagner left as the program’s fourth all-time scorer.

HM: Whitney Arion (SFT, 2011-15)

No. 21 – Maryssa Becker, SFT (2014-17)

A standout on the mound and plate, Becker had 626 career strikeouts and 163 RBIs.

HM: Cortnee Daley (LAX, 2013-16)

No. 22 – Rodney McCray, MBB (1979-83)

One of the few members with 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds, McCray was a key member of the 1980 title team.

HM: Katie Keller (SFT, 2011-14), Walter Peacock (FB, 1972-75)

No. 23 – Shoni Schimmel, WBB (2010-14)

Second all-time in scoring, Schimmel delivering Louisville to a historic postseason in 2013, including a national title appearance.

HM: LaBradford Smith (MBB, 1987-91)

No. 24 – Montrezl Harrell, MBB (2012-15)

Harrell electrified fans with his monstrous dunks and averaged 14.8 points and 8.8 rebounds his final two years.

HM: Don Goldstein (MBB, 1956-59)

No. 25 – Asia Durr, WBB (2014-present)

On pace to be the program’s second all-time leading scorer, Durr is one of the program’s best-ever scorers.

HM: Tori Collins (SFT, 2009-12), Calvin Pryor (FB, 2011-14)

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