By Shelby Brown —

This week’s continuous rains led the Ohio River to flood parts of Louisville. On Saturday night, the National Weather Service issued a citywide flash flood warning.

While U of L isn’t expected to flood, Interim Chief Operating Officer Lee Smith issued a Rave Alert with flood safety precautions Feb. 23.

It listed:

.           If materials or electronic equipment are on the floor in a low-lying area, like the Brook and Floyd street corridors, put them on a shelf or raise them off the ground.

·         Do not walk or drive through flooded roads or sidewalks.

·         Avoid viaducts around campus, which fill quickly during heavy rains.

·         Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers.

·         Report serious flooding issues, such as flooded basements in buildings, to ULPD at 852-6111.

U of L had four inches of rain in May 2012, causing considerable flooding to the Chemistry building’s basement and flooring. In 2009, flooding canceled classes and damaged the Houchens Building, School of Education, College of Business, Kent School of Social Work and Oppenheimer Hall.

File photo/ The Louisville Cardinal