October 17, 2017

Pitino files lawsuit against adidas

By Jordan Shim–

In the latest saga surrounding men’s basketball, former head coach Rick Pitino filed a federal civil lawsuit against adidas.

The lawsuit comes a day after the U of L Athletics Association unanimously voted to fire Pitino from his post of 17 years and the German apparel company cut ties shortly after.

Pitino released a statement to the media claiming that the university caused him to be “publicly ridiculed, vilified and criticized” after adidas worked illegally to bring high profile recruits to the school without his knowledge.

Having already received 98% of the $39 million the school made in the contract with adidas under the 2014 deal, in addition to $1.5 million the following year, Pitino says the lawsuit is not about the money.

“He wants to use this forum to prove that he had nothing to do with adidas’ outrageous, wrongful and illegal conspiracy,” the statement said.

“Mr. Pitino’s lawsuit is clearly a reaction to his termination yesterday and it without merit,” adidas said in response to the suit.

Pitino could also file a lawsuit against the University of Louisville for breach of contract in the near future.

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