By Laurel Slaughter–

If you didn’t know of the SAC construction you may have had a minor freak-out when you walked in for the first time this semester and the first floor was completely different.

There is a whole new section to the SAC that includes several new food options. In this brightly lit, miniature food court, you can find foods ranging from Mexican and Mediterranean to classic Southern comfort food.

You can find the Southern hospitality at the Prime Grill, one of the new additions to the SAC. From burgers and fries to fried chicken and greens, the Prime Grill will satisfy your craving for a home cooked meal.

Kortney Johnson cooks at Prime Grill and has been working in the food services industry at U of L for over four years. He had nothing but good news for us about the opening of the new restaurant.

“Slowly but surely they’ll make their mark,” Johnson said about the first couple of weeks in business. “I think we should do some advertising, maybe a taste-testing, so that we can get the word out there.”

Johnson mentioned that lot of students think this area of the SAC is still under construction so not a lot of them know there are many new options for food. If you’re looking for something mouth-watering, Johnson recommends trying the Prime Grill’s double cheeseburger and fries.

The new section of the SAC officially opened Aug. 30 and since then more and more students are beginning to realize the new selections that are available.
With fair prices and delicious options ranging from the Southwest garden burger to the Buffalo turkey burger it seems like you couldn’t go wrong at the Prime Grill. As you order your food you can see your burger being grilled to perfection right in front your eyes. So, if you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds without breaking your budget, head over to see what Prime Grill has to offer.