By Starr Savoy–

Engage Lead Serve Board’s Equality and Justice committee hosted a Dinner for Justice to discuss important social justice topics. ELSB, SGA’s service branch, is responsible for planning community engagement opportunities for students. The Equality and Justice Committee goal for this dinner was to spark ideas and actions to make the university and Louisville an inclusive place.

The dinner hosted, in the Cultural Center, served guests with Qdoba and drinks. The dinner was an open discussion that many organization’s leaders attended to discuss the issues on campus and in the local community. The dinner gave opportunities of collaborating, bouncing of event ideas and start conversation about campus and local issues.

Many students in attendance strongly agreed that their diversity buildings need better maintenance and bigger space to do the things organizations need to do for the student body. Also discussed was I.C.E. (U.S Immigration and Custom Enforcement)  investigating in the city of Louisville, close to campus and how no one talks about how the agency racial profiles, mistreats their victims and causes child abandonment.

SGA President, Vishnu Tirumala, attended the meeting as well to hear about the university actions and how it is affecting the student body. With the president being an advocate for students, he began to take initiative about the issues that each organization was discussing, especially about new centers for diversity organizations.

This dinner was focused on discussions on inequality and injustice concerns. To encourage students to talk about problems and to begin to create change. Around the discussion topics, each organization started creating ideas of different events corresponding to topic issues discussed to get more people involved in the talk.

The Equality and Justice committee focuses its educational programs, events and service on marginalized populations of the student body. This year’s committee goal is to unify RSOs in hopes of continuing to uplift these marginalized populations.

Their next meeting with be on Sept. 28 at 2:45-3:45 in the ELSB office inside of the Student Involvement Office.