By Briana Williams-

Steel City Pops is everywhere. For nearly a year, I’ve seen and heard so much about this little restaurant. Several events on campus have given them away for free, but they’ve always sold out as soon as I get there. I finally decided to go out and taste one of these popsicles everyone raved about.

In a word, it was phenomenal. In several words, it put all other desserts to shame.

Steel City Pops describes their popsicles as “gourmet,” and if you’re mistaken if you think that may be unnecessary. Gone are the popsicle days of frozen juice packets. Steel City Pops provides a wide variety of refreshing popsicles which are nothing short of the ideal summertime snack.

I first tried the gourmet of the gourmet pops – the cookies and cream popsicle. With actual cookie pieces inside of it, it was like tasting a frozen cookies and cream candy bar.

Then I tried the root beer float pop. Honestly, I was still reeling from the deliciousness of the cookies and cream pop, but I still really liked it.

I got more hints of just root beer than an actual root beer float, but it was delicious.

My third and final popsicle of the trip was the lime one. It wasn’t my favorite of the three I tried, and I probably won’t get it again, but I’d recommend it to others. It’s not too sour and tastes more like a lemon-lime drink than just a mouthful of lime.

Spending $3-$4.50 on a popsicle may seem like somewhat of a waste, especially if you’re strapped for cash, but Steel City Pops is worth it.

As summer draws close, you may get tired of the typical ice cream treat. And when you do, Steel City Pops will be there with no shortage of great popsicles.