March 7, 2017

Card Towne’s best restaurants to visit


By Briana Williams–

Cardinal Towne is home to hundreds of students and plenty of restaurants. The area is surrounded by good food options which students can easily walk to when they’re tired of on-campus eateries.

Most of the restaurants are kind to our wallets and provide a lot of food for the price.

But some rise above the rest, and if you’re going to spend all of your money on food, why not spend it on the good stuff? Here are Card Towne’s best restaurants to eat:


Griff’s is one of the more expensive options in Card Towne, but it won’t put a hole in your wallet.

The restaurant offers a bar-style menu and atmosphere. Going here and watching U of L games is a fun experience, and you may be lucky enough to see Darrell Griffith, the restaurant owner and former U of L basketball star. The overall environment is chill and the staff is nice. Go to Griff’s when your family comes to visit or when you want to watch a game with friends.

As for the food, it’s definitely worth the slightly higher price. The sweet potato waffle fries with praline sauce are one of the best sides the restaurant has to offer. Upgrading to this from the regular fries is highly recommended. Pair those with some of Griff’s signature wings or sandwiches, like the fried chicken sandwich, and you’ve got a great meal.

Jimmy John’s:

Everyone knows Jimmy John’s for their fast service, but their sandwiches are also great. If you have no desire for Subway anymore, Jimmy John’s is a worthy upgrade.

The Turkey Tom and the Big John are classic options anyone can love. If you’re more adventurous, try the Italian Night Club or the Hunter’s club. Both are hefty options and you’ll most likely have leftovers.

The Jimmy John’s environment is casual, especially since people usually don’t sit in there except during the lunch rush and sometimes around dinner.

And if you don’t even want to leave the privacy of your room, have it delivered.

Noodles and Company:

For those who prefer pasta over sandwiches, Noodles and Company is the restaurant for you. With globe-spanning options, Noodles and Company has something for everyone.

The Wisconsin Mac and Cheese and Alfredo MontAmore are some of the most delicious options on the menu. The best part about this restaurant is the ability to create your own bowl of pasta. You can choose your kind of pasta, sauce and add a protein to your dish if nothing else on the menu looks appealing.

Home Run Burgers:

While Home Run isn’t necessarily the best burger you can get, U of L doesn’t have many other places to get a decent burger.

Home Run isn’t as great as Five Guys or Chillburger, but they are a great substitute when you’d rather stay close to campus. The fries are also pretty impeccable.

Mt. Fuji:

Finally, there’s Mt. Fuji. Its notorious Yum Yum Sauce is half the reason it’s on this list. Mt. Fuji offers delicious Japanese cuisine from sushi to hibachi. The shrimp hibachi smothered in Yum Yum sauce is my favorite menu item and the chicken hibachi is a close second.

Sometimes, I head to Mt. Fuji even if I don’t want food at all. They have delicious smoothies with a wide variety of fruit options and their bubble tea is an interesting drink everyone should try at least once.

Comfy Cow:

Even though you can’t order an actual dinner from Comfy Cow, you can head there for dessert and have plenty of options to consider.

From smoothies and cake to ice cream and chocolate-dipped bananas, Comfy Cow has no shortage of menu items that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. My favorite ice cream is the Cake batter-up with sprinkles. 10/10 would recommend.

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