November 12, 2016

Students prepare to say goodbye to Davidson commuter lounge


By Amanda Obst–

Students who use the Davidson commuter lounge will soon lose their refuge as the university renovates the space into a new Subway.

The lounge is hangout spot, napping room and study space for many students who travel to campus every day.

But the lounge has been decreasing in popularity for years. Many students don’t bother to use it because of its outdated furniture, lack of study materials and the area’s drab aesthetic.

“I have only visited the lounge two or three times, but the times I was in there I was disappointed,” senior Erin Hardy said.

Hardy isn’t alone on how she feels about the space. Compared to the numerous other student spots on campus, the commuter lounge is hardly anyone’s first choice to go and relax between classes.

“I thought it was dirty and kind of messy. I think it is a nice thought that commuters have a place to go but I do not think they (the university) really cares about it,” Hardy said.

Through the years, the number of occupants between classes has noticeably dwindled. Especially after the renovation of the first floor of the library, students simply aren’t coming to the lounge anymore.

“We do counts. On Monday through Friday, there are around 17-20 who come in at a time,” Davidson student services worker Gabrielle Thornton said.

Instead of renovating the lounge, a new Subway will take over the area. Associate Vice President of Business Affairs Mark Watkins said the Subway should open before the spring semester. The Subway in the SAC will close once the one in Davidson opens.

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