November 1, 2016

Indy Scream Park scares post-Halloween


By Tucker Warren–

The drive to Indy Scream Park is as suspenseful as some of the attractions themselves. Located in Anderson, Indiana, all to be seen in the rural town are a few small buildings.

The scream park doesn’t make a big deal about itself. This made it seem less like a place one was seeking and more like a horror you’d found.

The attractions begin as soon as you step inside, starting with Monster Midway. From there, you can choose between indoor and outdoor attractions.

While the suspense was enjoyable, the actors and spooks were too far apart, leaving participants wanting more. This may have been to bring a false sense of security before going to the Rage 3D attraction.

In Rage 3D, you’re given 3D glasses before being sent into a clown-themed wonderland. The events seemed dreamlike due to the effects of the 3D glasses and the eeriness of the painted actors.

One room features multiple clowns standing, staring with fake smiles, surrounded by mirrors in the dark. There is only one small exit and finding it requires brushing past the maze of blank stares hopelessly.

The two outdoor attractions at the park, Zombieland Apocalypse and Back Woods, seemed to go by in a blur of chainsaw noises. The attractions also seemed to have problems spacing out their actors. But the acting was realistic and fantastic, sending more than one person running for the exit.

The park was well worth the money, leaving one with the divine exhaustion that follows a fantastic adrenaline rush. Halloween may be over, but this park will be open for a few more days.

The park will open for its final days of e year Nov. 4 and 5. Tickets can be purchased for $26.

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