By Allison Mayes–

An in-state student pays $9,943 to attend U of L for one semester. Despite our thousands of tuition dollars, it seems U of L cannot keep us cockroach-free. Some students are having issues avoiding roaches around campus.

“I feel disgusted walking into class and having to sidestep a roach,” student Paige Clippinger said. “I shouldn’t have to share the hallways with large insects with how much money I pay to U of L.”

“The U of L Belknap campus has over 80 buildings and eight million square feet of interior building space. All of these buildings have what cockroaches seek: food, water and shelter,” Assistant Director of Maintenance and Renovations Aaron Boggs said. “As you can see, fighting roaches along with other insects can be a tough task.”

Student Hannah Filiatreau doesn’t like the critters, but they don’t bother her.

“I know that we’re currently under a lot of construction so it’s something I’m hoping will be taken care of eventually with the new plans,” Filiatreau said.

Boggs said U of L uses normal cleaning routines to eliminate food and water, two causes of cockroaches. Keeping spills under control and keeping food waste cleaned up and contained are major defenses against roaches in buildings.

Besides having to sidestep roaches in the hallways, there are also health concerns.

“If roaches are in the hallways of most buildings, it concerns me that there could be some in the cafeteria/food areas of campus as well. I don’t want to be nervous of coming across an insect while biting into a sandwich,” Clippinger said.

Clippinger and Filiatreau suggest spraying for insects or using traps to combat the issue. Boggs said U of L has a pest control company contracted that determines the best method to treat for insects.

To report pest problems, call the work control office at 502-852-6241.