By Tristin Schifferdecker–

Students found a new roundabout at the intersection of Floyd Street and Brandeis Avenue at the start of the semester. Weeks later, has the new addition helped the traffic flow, or is it a pain?

“The intent of the project was to slow and ease the traffic at this intersection, making it safer for students to cross to and from campus,” James said. James said the intersection has the same volume of traffic it had before the roundabout, but the traffic has slowed down.

“When we had a standard intersection with a stoplight there, we had several traffic accidents in that intersection and traffic would back up,” James said.

James said there has not been a traffic count for the roundabout yet since they are not finished with the project. It is set to be completed by Nov. 30.

Although cars are slowing down at this intersection, some students say that it has become too difficult to cross. There is no crosswalk button they can push and no stoplight forcing cars to stop.

U of L junior Robert Dobbs lives at The Nine and crosses the intersection daily. He feels as though he is being harassed by cars even though he is supposed to have the right of way in the crosswalk as a pedestrian.

“Many cars do not slow down when they see students try and cross. It’s very frustrating,” Hobbs said. “I have come close to being hit by cars many times, and I believe it’s because they do not understand roundabouts, crosswalks or just purely do not pay attention.”

There are currently no further plans to replace any stoplights on the University of Louisville’s campus with roundabouts.

File photo / The Louisville Cardinal