By Eiman Zuberi–

The Cultural Center’s Fall Fest demonstrated different cultures to hundreds of guests at the Red Barn Aug. 31.

Dominique “Dom” McShan, the service coordinator for the culture center, had helped organize the event. His job is to find innovative ways to increase the diversity and improve campus programs. The Fall Fest was created to celebrate the diversity at U of L and highlight multicultural-based student organizations.

Free food was provided for students in attendance, including pizza, Insomnia Cookies and snow cones. There was also a dance performance by the Korean Student Association.

Sophomore Hannah Ziegler originally came for the food but was impressed by the performance she saw. “I thought they were really cool. I didn’t know we had that kind of culture on campus,” Ziegler said.

I think our campus is very diverse but we could improve if people have more knowledge about our clubs on campus,” said junior Myjah Johnson.

“I think this event is so important for students, especially incoming students, as they are coming into the university and may feel like they are just a speck in such a large community,” McShan said. “Fall Fest affirms our underrepresented students that they are a part of a diverse campus community of individuals that look like them and others from an array of different backgrounds.”