September 20, 2016

Official under investigation retirement details revealed

Photo Courtesy Priscilla Hancock LinkedIn

By Olivia Krauth–

After being on paid leave for 10 months, U of L’s VP of IT Priscilla Hancock is set to retire Oct. 1.

Hancock has been under FBI investigation for potential misuse of grant money since Dec. 2015, spending the entire time on paid leave from the university. As part of her retirement package, Hancock continued to be on paid leave in the new fiscal year until Sept. 30. Hancock made over $250,000 in that time.

The Cardinal obtained Hancock’s retirement agreement with U of L via an open records request. According to the agreement, Hancock will stop receiving paid leave Sept. 30, but will retain current health, dental and vision insurance benefits until Sept. 30, 2017.

The agreement requires U of L’s CFO/COO Harlan Sands – Hancock’s boss – to give her a “positive reference consistent with her performance” during the time she reported to him.

The agreement also states Hancock, by signing, settles any possible claims and disputes with the university and cannot bring about a case in the future.

The Cardinal found out Hancock was planning on retiring in early September, but an internal note was sent out to the U of L community in July, according to the agreement.

To view the full retirement package, click here.

Photo Courtesy / Priscilla Hancock’s LinkedIn

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