September 18, 2016

Career Development Center holds Majors Fair


By Roya Fathalizadeh–

The Career Development Center held a Fall Majors Fair on Sept. 14. Over 200 students were in attendance.

The fair was intended to give advice and information to undergraduate students.

“The Majors Fair is designed to provide students with an opportunity to meet with faculty and professional advisors to discuss potential majors and minors,” program coordinator, Charles Delp said. “We also want to connect students with relevant campus partners to support them along the way.”

The event aims at helping students come up with a list of what interests them and corresponding those interests into a possible career.

“I am double majoring in psychology and sociology with a minor in political science,” junior Black Gerstner said. “I wanted to study how people think and feel to eventually help people, sociology seemed intertwined with that, and I have always been very government oriented. The Majors Fair is a wonderful place for students to come and see what they’re interested in and to find the career they’re looking for.”

The Majors Fair also featured several alternate opportunities and programs that aid in the cost of tuition.

“Metropolitan College is a great program to help students pay for school,” said Student Development Counselor, Chelsea Wightman. “Students work third shift at UPS and receive up to 100 percent in state tuition paid per semester, up to $65 is course book reimbursement, and up to $500 per semester in bonuses for grades earned.”

The Career Development Center posts helpful information on their website and offers workshops and appointments to aid in figuring out the path students will take through the college years and beyond.

“Talk with your academic advisor,” Delp said. “They can help you think through variables and questions you might not have thought of yet. They have experience in dealing with these questions over the years, and they want to see you succeed.”


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