By Roya Fathalizadeh–

Several Recognized Student Organizations promoted their associations in the SAC Plaza this week in events to gain members. Some of those got lucky, as their organization tied into the celebration of Women’s Equality Day on Friday. 

The U of L Women’s Center was one of the 400 student organizations that made an appearance to promote their values and celebrate the equality day.

“Being a transfer student, this organization had helped me a lot,” said Tailore McLellan, president of Women 4 Women Student Board. “I met like-minded women who were not only professional but had goals and dreams similar to mine.”

The Women 4 Women Student Board is one of the many Women’s Center-associated organizations that focus on promoting health, education and leadership to help women succeed in the future.

Year after year, U of L students bring about many more RSOs that are important and interesting to them.

“The Society of Women in Physics and Astronomy is returning to campus after being dormant for five years,” said junior astrophysics major Bri Mills. “Me and my friend decided that we wanted to focus more on women’s issues because we are an underrepresented minority in the science community. We thought it would be a great idea to bring all the women together, so that we don’t feel isolated when we go into our field for the first time.”

Many of the U of L Women Center’s associated groups events throughout the school year to expand upon their skills and interests, and raise awareness of issues going on in today’s society. Women 4 Women hosts conferences every year for leadership and human trafficking to help educate women across campus and beyond.

For more information on women empowerment organizations and events as well as other RSOs, visit to learn how to get involved.

Photo by Ali Davis / The Louisville Cardinal