By Eiman Zuberi–

As upperclassmen start making last minute preparations for another semester, freshmen from all over the country are preparing to call U of L home for the next couple of years. The new incoming class is one of the largest and most diverse yet, something faculty and U of L officials are very enthusiastic about.

Excited freshmen, helpful students and frenzied parents filled campus for official move-in day on Aug. 17.

In Community Park, freshman John Jager had already met a new friend and was playing pool with him only hours after moving in. Jager, a mechanical engineering major, said he was most looking forward to the challenge that college will hold. He also talked about the big shoes this new freshman class has to fill.

“This campus is great. I feel like part of a community now,” Jager said. “I’m excited for Speed School but also kind of scared. It’ll be difficult but college is about challenges.”

Living away from parents for the first time is something most students look forward to. Another student in Community Park, Latre’a Gibson, said she was most excited about getting to be an adult.

Gibson, who already has plans to be a therapist following her anticipated psychology degree, was living with a random roommate but said they were “getting along very well.”

“I’m most excited about starting over a new, fresh life,” said Gibson, a Louisville native. “This is going to be great.”

Although most students who attend U of L are from Louisville, there are some who are new to Kentucky entirely. Nursing student Paige Klein is from Chicago. When asked why she chose U of L, she said she was really looking forward to warmer weather. She moved in early to partake in sorority recruitment.

“I’m excited. It’s been a little stressful, but super exciting,” Klein said.

Photo by Dalton Ray