May 30, 2016

Cardinal Village shooting victims identified

uofl campus crime

By Dalton Ray–

Around 2 a.m. Sunday, two victims were shot near Cardinal Village just north of the University of Louisville’s campus. The two victims have been identified as Nick Ellis and Eriaun Warwick. While Ellis was released earlier today from the hospital, Warwick remains in critical condition and in the intensive care unit at University Hospital.

The incident began as an argument and elevated into a shoot out, said witness Darian Gardner.

“There was a fight between two groups of people that escalated ,” Gardner said.  “A bottle was eventually thrown; and then half of everyone in the party pulled out guns and started shooting at everything.”

Ellis was hit with a stray bullet in the leg but is currently in stable condition.

Warwick was hit in the face during the crossfire. The 19-year-old recently completed her freshman year at Western Kentucky University and was attending a party near Cardinal Village. According to one of her friends who spoke at today’s press conference, there were more than 100 people at the party.

Community activist Christooher 2X, who has been speaking for Warwick’s family, spoke today at a press conference. He said Warwick is still in ICU and has a long recovery ahead of her. She has been communicating with her friends and family through writing.

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