Student suit against Powell dismissed

The Louisville Cardinal News

By Olivia Krauth–

A Jefferson County Circuit Court judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by U of L students against Katina Powell today.

Kyle Hornback and other students sued Powell, the author of “Breaking Cardinal Rules,” in November, claiming Powell’s allegations damaged the value of a U of L degree and hurt their chances of finding a job after college. The suit aimed to be class action status to represent all U of L students.

Judge Mitch Perry ruled the students have no standing.

“A current or future student could potentially bring a claim against a university for virtually any negative assertion which has a real or imagined impact on that student’s education,” Perry said, adding that continuing the suit would expand civil liability in the state.

In addition to the students, some women mentioned in Powell’s book were a part of the lawsuit. These women claimed the book defamed them via statements and photos. Perry allowed this part of the suit to continue.


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