By Madison Thompson–

With nine, soon to be 10, on-campus residence halls, U of L students aren’t short on options. Residence halls include Miller Hall, Unitas Tower, Louisville Hall, Community Park, Threlkeld Hall, University Tower, Bettie Johnson Hall, Kurz Hall and University Pointe.

Proximity is the main benefit to living on-campus, but since each residence hall is a little different, it can be hard to decide which is the best fit for you. Amenities, price, number of roommates and style all affect your living decision.

Things that all the dorms have include wifi, an ethernet port, cable, free laundry, an ice machine, vending, multi-purpose room, bike racks, security personnel, security cameras, RA on-call 24 hours, 24/7 maintenance calls, resident-only access and TVs in common areas. It is required that all on-campus residents have a meal plan. If your dorm has no kitchen, you will pay $1,505, but only $960 if your dorm has a kitchen.

The cost breakdown below reflects the rent per semester, with the exception of University Pointe, which operates on a monthly schedule.

Miller Hall:


  • $2,466   double room
  • $2,946   single room

Miller Hall is a freshman-only, co-ed dorm with men in the west side and women in the east side. This dorm is centrally located, with a short walk to Ekstrom Library, the SAC and academic buildings.

There are two beds per room, two wardrobes and two desks. Each floor has a community bathroom and study room.

Unitas Tower:


  • $2,466   double room
  • $2,946   single room
  • $1,900   triple room

Unitas Tower is also a freshman-only, co-ed dorm with one-room dorms consisting of two beds, two desks, two closets and a community bathroom on each floor.

This is a co-ed dorm with men residing on floors two through six and women residing in seven through 11. There is an elevator, a quiet room and purified water station.

Its position on Cardinal Boulevard makes it an easy access point to the SAC and classes.

Louisville Hall:


  • $2,615   deluxe
  • $2,945   single
  • $2,515   double
  • $2,565   three bedroom suite
  • $2,605   two bedroom suite

This residence is on Fourth Street, in close proximity to the Ville Grill. The rooms resemble triangular shapes, creating a unique floor plan. The top floor rooms have luxurious high ceilings. This is a co-ed dorm.

Some things that make this hall special, besides the inner look at the room, are the elevators, the recreation room, purified water stations and The Nest convenience store on the ground level.

Community Park:


  • $2,779   double
  • $3,310   deluxe double

Located on Fourth Street across from the SRC, this freshman-only dorm offers both suite and deluxe style rooms.

The deluxe room is set up so that you walk straight into the bedroom, then there is a private bathroom and a small walk in closet.

The suite pairs you and your roommate with the two roommates next door to you, and everyone shares one bathroom.

The entire hall has the following extra amenities: computer lab, elevator, classroom, fitness room, 24-hour visitation, purified water stations, a barbecue grill and corn hole.

Threlkeld Hall:


  • $2,466   double room
  • $2,946   single room

This dorm is very similar to the layout of Miller Hall. There are two beds, two dressers and two desks, and there is a community bathroom on each floor.

Threlkeld is conveniently located close to the SAC, the Floyd Street Garage and academic buildings. Outside there is a volleyball court and barbecue pit.

University Tower Apartments:


  • $2,675   one bedroom, double
  • $2,665   large studio, double
  • $2,640   standard studio, double
  • $2,665   two bedroom, double-occupancy bedroom
  • $3,005   two bedroom, single-occupancy bedroom

In each room there are two beds, a small kitchen, private bathroom and two walk in closets.

The School of Business is right across the road from these apartment-style dorms, and Cardinal Towne is less than a five-minute walk away.

One of the only things that would be considered a con with this particular facility is that there is a $120 electricity cap.

There are different programs for different floors. For example, if you work the graveyard shift at UPS, there are rooms available on a specific floor so that everyone on that floor is on the same schedule. If you are in the ROTC program, you and all of your floor mates would be getting up at the crack of dawn to do a run together. With everyone on the same schedule, it makes it easier to make friends. There is even a floor for the LGBT community.

Bettie Johnson Hall:


  • $3,456  two bedroom/two Bath
  • $3,351   two bedroom/one bath
  • $3,456   three bedroom/ two bath
  • $3,301   four bedroom/ two bath
  • $4,590   one bedroom/one bath
  • $5,036   deluxe one bedroom/one bath

Each room is connected by a living room and common area and kitchen. Appliances include a large refrigerator, freezer, stove, dishwasher, sink and pantry. There are either one or two bathrooms per dorm room.

Bettie also has a study lounge, fitness room, quiet room, 24-hour visitation, purified water stations, barbecue pit (outside), sand volleyball, corn hole and hammocks.

Another unique feature to Bettie is the key card system, in which all you need to do is swipe your key and you gain access to your dorm room. That means that even if someone steals your card, they would have to search for hours to find your actual room. The authorities will have been informed and your room will still be safe.

If you want to play Russian Roulette with your dorm mate, then all you have to do, once you have been accepted in the dorm, is fill out a compatibility and personality form. From there, the forms are compared to see who would room best together.

Kurz Hall:


  • $2,779   double
  • $3,310   deluxe double
  • $3,909   single
  • $4,420   deluxe single

Similar to the Community Park rooms, at Kurz you walk into the bedroom, there is a bathroom and a small walk-in closet. The amenities in this dorm hall include garbage disposal, microwave, mini-fridge, community kitchen, study lounge, computer lab, classroom, theater, recreation room, 24-hour visitation, purified water stations, barbecue pit, corn hole and hammocks.


University Pointe:


  • $599/month   floor plan A
  • $639/month   floor plan B-G

This is the newest residence hall. Still under construction, University Pointe is being furnished with  modern technology and new furniture. Although it won’t be ready until the fall of 2016, students already are lining up to sign their lease.

The amenities will include 24-hour fitness center with free weights, swimming pool with hot tub and sun deck, barbecue grills, pavilions, recreation center with table-top games, multimedia room, fully furnished, free printing, USB outlets, study lounges and more.

Each bedroom has its own bathroom and closet, although the common area and the kitchen are a shared feature. There are seven different layouts to choose from, each with four bedrooms and four full bathrooms.

Similar to Bettie Johnson, University Pointe will have a technological key system. It actually looks like a key, not a credit card, and is unique to not only the building and your dorm room, but also your personal door. If, for some reason, you feel you can’t leave your things alone, simply lock your door as you leave.

A good thing to remember with this residency hall is that there is an electricity cap.