By Roya Fathalizadeh– 

Fall 2016 will bring around many housing improvements and modifications to U of L’s campus. From the opening of The Nine and University Pointe, to the transition of Kurz into becoming an honors dorm, it seems like annual changes in student housing is manifest.

University Pointe, located where Centre Hall and Wellness Hall were just last year, is one of the newest housing options being offered to U of L students. This “Bettie Johnson” style housing is located across the street from Ekstrom Library, making for an easy and safe commute to and from late night study sessions.

Despite University Pointe’s prime location, there is currently an absence of close parking space for its residents.

“There is plenty of parking in the Bettie and Kurz lot,” said Kaylee Brandt, Services Vice President for SGA. “It is a safer and closer option as opposed to the other option of parking on 3rd street across from Reynolds Lofts.”

As of now, that is the plan for parking for University Pointe’s tenants.

“Once this fall comes around, if students are not happy with the parking situation, we will be looking at other options,” said Brandt. “I know they are looking at taking away the blue spots in the Bettie lot so that will free up more space.”

However, many students don’t approve of the parking decision.

“I work at UPS and I really hate the fact that I have to park at the back of the Bettie Johnson lot and walk all the way to Community Park at four a.m.,” said freshman Taylor McKenna. “I don’t think its safe and feel like they should have a separate parking lot for people living at University Pointe.”

For those who don’t feel safe walking back at night, Brandt encouraged use of the TARC or U of L’s escort services.

With over 500 students moving into University Pointe this fall, some students feel that the lot will not be able to hold any more cars.

“I just don’t see how everyone is going to fit,” said sophomore Courtney Hoke. “I know that everyone who lives in Kurz, Community Park, Bettie Johnson, Louisville Hall and UTA park there. It just doesn’t seem right to allow even more people to park in that area when it’s crowded already.”

SGA will be working closely with the University Parking Office to ensure there are no problems and they will come up with alternatives in case a problem comes about.

Students who have concerns regarding the parking situation are encouraged to share their concerns with the SGA representatives.

“Please come talk to us,” said Brandt. “We want to help make this university a better place for everyone, it’s what we’re here for.”