By Olivia Krauth–

Mumps outbreaks have been popping up on college campuses in the region, and now the virus is at U of L.

A U of L student living in affiliated housing has mumps, according to a campus email from Phillip Bressoud, executive director of Campus Health. The student is the only confirmed case at U of L.

“Mumps typically causes swollen and tender parotid glands located just below the ears and around the jaw bone on one or both sides of the jaw,” Bressoud said. The virus is most infectious in the days before and after parotitis. Symptoms typically appear within 16 t0 18 days after coming in contact with someone contagious.

Additional symptoms include fever, aches, loss of appetite and tiredness.

“It is important to know the overwhelming majority of people who contract mumps recover completely,” Bressoud said.

Mumps has been hitting many universities in Kentucky, including 15 cases at the University of Kentucky in February. Request for comment from Campus Health regarding the possibility of mumps at U of L from that time went unanswered.

A notice from Kentucky Public Health said the number of cases may increase after spring break, as students may be in close contact with people who have mumps.

KPH recommends learning the signs of the disease, and places to receive treatment if needed. They also suggest checking to make sure you’re vaccinated against mumps. Vaccinations against mumps are required for freshman, but Bressoud said sometimes the disease still occurs.

Bressoud recommends avoiding sharing cups, utensils, cigarettes or vaping devices. “Keep kissing to a minimum,” Bressoud said.

Bressoud said anyone needing medical attention should contact U of L Campus Health.