By Ethan Pelletier– 

It’s that time of the year again—you know the holiday. Every shop is decorated with nauseating shades of pink and red. Couples are getting even more sickening to be around (if that’s possible). That’s right, Singles Awareness Day has come again. Instead of crawling into bed for a Netflix binge session, here are some ideas to make the most of single life on Valentine’s Day.

Go out with your single friends.

Why not go enjoy a night of dancing and drinking? Going out almost guarantees a good night and chances are you will end up meeting other singles.

Treat yo’ self.

Go get a full body massage followed by a double-scoop ice cream cone at Comfy Cow. Then end your afternoon by taking a massive nap and remember tomorrow all candy is 50 percent off.

Throw a Singles Awareness Day party.

Invite all your unattached friends (chocolate required for entry) and enjoy a movie marathon, perhaps with an emphasis against romantic flicks. Then break out the wine and have a blast unlike anything someone with a significant other can muster.

Send anti-Valentine’s Day cards to your fellow single friends.

Buy a slew of cards, scratch off the ewie-gooey rhymes and let your creative side take over: “I’m allergic to roses, anyway” or “Screw Valentine’s Day.”

No matter how you decide to spend your Singles Awareness Day, make sure you take advantage of the holiday. Enjoy yourself and don’t worry—you’re not the only person reading this article.