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The good, the bad and the ‘wait, what?’: What you missed over break

The Louisville Cardinal News

U of L places two officials on leave due to FBI investigation

Executive vice president Dr. David Dunn and VP of IT Priscilla Hancock have been on leave since Dec. 9. Both are being investigated for potential misuse of grant money. Former U of L official Russell Bessette is also being looked into.

Robbery occurs at Cardinal Towne

Students received a Rave alert early Dec. 17, alerting them of a recent robbery at Cardinal Towne. The Rave alert said there was a “very limited description” of the situation, but U of L police were on the scene. According to U of L crime logs, it is still an open case.

Presidential staff begins diversity training

Presidential office staff began diversity training as promised in December. In her apology for October’s sombrero incident, chief of staff Kathleen Smith said the staff would begin diversity training immediately. According to spokesperson John Karman, the first session was led by Faye Jones from the Health Science Campus’ diversity and inclusion office. The staff will continue having monthly sessions until April.

U of L, Norton settle legal battle

U of L and Norton Healthcare ended a two year legal battle with a “fair and mutually beneficial agreement,” according to Ramsey. The two will be exclusive partners at Kosair Children’s Hospital for the next eight years. The battle initially began when Norton said they were going to also team up with the University of Kentucky and Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

U of L’s associate VP for health affairs charged with a DUI

Rowan County Police charged Darrell Griffith (no, not the basketball player) with drunk driving on Dec. 23 after Griffith blew a .213, more than 2.5 times the legal limit. Griffith’s citation said he was crossing back and forth in a 2014 Lexus. Griffith is also the chief financial officer for U of L Physicians.

Murderers used Cardinal Towne room as meeting space

On another not so good note for Cardinal Towne, Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson said four alleged murderers used a vacant Cardinal Towne apartment as a “gathering place.” Henderson wasn’t aware of any ties to U of L or if the people were authorized to be in the apartment. The four were charged with murder in December after allegedly killing someone at a New Albany Waffle House.

Provost applications due Feb. 1, 2016

Ever wanted to be U of L’s Provost? Applications for the position are being accepted until Feb. 1. The position is currently held by interim provost Neville Pinto.

NTS selected a development partner

U of L Foundation chose NTS Developing Co. to be their development partner for future work on the three research/office parks owned by U of L. NTS chairman J.D. Nichols is the namesake of U of L’s downtown research park, as well as U of L’s 2015 Alumnus of the Year. Nichols pledged $10 million to the foundation and offered to personally fund Ramsey’s bonus earlier this summer. Both Ramsey and Nichols said the ties have nothing to do with NTS’ selection.

Ex-Trustee Steve Wilson calls for Ramsey resignation

Six months after leaving the board of trustees, Steve Wilson called for Ramsey’s resignation. Wilson’s comments were mentioned in a Washington Post article about U of L’s scandal-ridden recent history. “It’s time for a new beginning. There’s been too many scandals,” Wilson said, praising Ramsey’s fundraising abilities but eventually saying it “boils down to leadership and accountability.” Current trustee and chair of U of L Foundation Bob Hughes was also quoted, saying, “I don’t think [Wilson] has a deep understanding of the institution, and the direction we’re taking it in…When you make a request like that, it’s dramatic, but it doesn’t serve the university when you don’t understand its mission.”

Counseling center hires new psychologist, counselor

U of L’s counseling center hired a new psychologist and a new counselor to begin working with students in the new semester. The Cardinal reported in November that the center had a 75-student waitlist for an appointment, with wait times up to two months. At that time, the new staff were at the on-campus interview stage.

New Taco Bell opens near campus

A new Taco Bell opened right next door to the Taco Bell on Brook Street over break. The area around the old Taco Bell is rumored to be for parking for The Nine apartment complex.

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