January 29, 2016

Red Bull offers students chance to travel to Europe

By Sam Draut–

University of Louisville students have the unique opportunity to win a Spring Break trip to Europe for seven days as part of Red Bull’s “Can You Make It?” competition. The energy drink company is seeking applications from 165 teams to compete in a global journey across Europe.

The selected teams will travel more than 600 miles in one week before reaching their final destination, using only Red Bull cans as currency.

Starting on April 12, the 165 teams depart from either Barcelona, Florence, Berlin, Edinburgh or Prague. Each member of the respected team turns in their cell phones, credit cards and cash before embarking on the journey. During the seven day trip, travelers will exchange cans of Red Bull for food, shelter and transportation to their next location.

Teams will create their own particular path by visiting various checkpoints in European cities and tasked to complete different mind and body challenges. Additionally, on the different stops, teams will complete tasks on an adventure list.

Along the trip, teams will post photos and videos for viewers to follow.

Scoring is based on the challenges completed at the checkpoints, adventure list tasks and the amount of followers on social media.

Of the 165 teams last year, 100 completed the thrilling experience and earned tickets to a Champions League match and rode on a private jet.

Three-member teams are able to apply at Redbullcanyoumakeit.com. The application period is open now through Feb. 14. U of L students are asked to make a one-minute video explaining why they should be selected for the trip. Applicants are encouraged to show off their sense of adventure, smarts and humor.

After the submissions, the teams will rally support and collect votes. When the voting period ends, a panel of judges will select the winners.

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is an experience any student at U of L would enjoy,” University of Louisville Red Bull Student Brand Manager Mel Brummette said.


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