January 11, 2016

From flared jeans to fedoras: A review of 2015 fashion


By Jacqueline Kelly–

Anyone who has the slightest interest in fashion knows each year brings with it an influx of trends. 2015 was no exception. From themes that remained throughout the year, to others that only stuck for a season, here’s a round-up of the trends of 2015.

70s Style

One of the most anticipated trends of 2015 was the revival of the 70s. It’s no surprise, then, that the 70s craze survived the entire year. The spring and summer seasons were all about mixing colors and funky prints to create an interesting outfit. Even people who find it difficult to work with multiple prints could partake in the fun by styling a funky, lightweight blouse with something simple like flared denim. Thin, warm weather appropriate neck scarves emerged during the late spring months, introducing yet another way to add a 70s vibe to any look.

The trend continued into the autumn and winter months. Along with the already popular flare jean, the boot cut jean became another denim option. For women, the dropping temps came with a-line mini skirts. While the silhouette was a bit more 60s mod, going for the skirt in faux suede or denim added a 70s touch. As for outerwear, faux fur vests and jackets seemed to be the most prevalent option.

Gender Bending

2015 was also the year of style gender bending. Men’s shorts took a turn during the spring and summer seasons when chubbies overshadowed the typical below-the-knee shorts. The chino short, a similar but slightly longer fit, was another great option.

As autumn rolled around, the Chelsea bootie became a popular shoe choice for both men and women, while black and white was a popular color scheme.

Military Inspired Pieces

Though the military influence was seen on all genders, it earns a category of its own. This autumn and winter trend wasn’t limited to the obvious military green hue. Rather, it was about achieving a tough, pared down look. Think Kanye’s collaboration with Adidas, which included sporty, rugged picks like oversized joggers, bomber jackets and overly worn sweatshirts.

Off the runway people tweaked the look by opting for streamlined joggers. They scream nonchalance, while the slim fit keeps an outfit from looking like you rolled out of bed and into the classroom.

Other Mention Worthy Trends

The midi skirt– If you aren’t a fan of mini or maxi skirts, you may have tried the midi skirt during the warm months. Hitting between the knee and ankle, the style came in all sorts of colors and fun prints.

Dressing down the suit– 2015 was about a laid back approach to the usually formal ensemble. Pairing a suit jacket with denim and losing the tie while maintaining fit was a great way to keep suits casual.

Floppy hats and wide brim fedoras– Sure, floppy hats were huge for all of 2015, but the later part of the year saw the emergence of the wide brimmed fedora—a similar, more structured take on the floppy hat.


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