By Ethan Pelletier–

Students were able to enjoy a variety of local food options last night at SAB’s Diversity Food Festival. photo by Jacob Lawson

Louisville restaurants came to support the event by representing a booth of ethnicity; the variety of food boosted student interest, and in turn helped promote the local restaurant business. A student could get an authentic falafel, empanadas, lo mein or dumplings all in the same room and for free.

X’Sashea Lawson-Mayes, Vice Chair of the Diversity Committee, feels that the Diversity Food Festival and Diversity Week in general, has been a massive success.

“Diversity Week is so great because it gives us a chance to showcase diversity for the students,” she said. She also commented that the Diversity Food Festival was such a hit because students were afforded the opportunity to “taste diverse foods” and “project acceptance as a student body” here at the University of Louisville.

Isabella Cross, a freshman at the University, asserts that diversity events are “awesome” and “extremely important” to maintaining a healthy atmosphere and learning environment.

“If more University staff actually attended events like this, they would feel empowered to learn more,” Cross said.