By Ethan Libby Pelletier—

The University of Louisville’s Indian Student Association will be hosting Jalsa, a cultural and diversity-promoting event on Nov. 21 in the SAC MPR.

Jalsa celebrates Diwali, the Indian New Year. Diwali is a celebration of life and being alive. The event is open to everyone wanting to learn more about the Indian culture, as well as enjoying the intricacies of Indian Culture.

Many cultural highlights will be featured at Jalsa, including singing, dancing, food (vegetarian options available) and desserts. Featured songs include the Indian National Anthem, the United States National Anthem and famous Bollywood hits.

“Jalsa is geared to help represent a new culture to the students at Louisville,” ISA Public Events Director Mitali Chitre said. She is also excited to hold these celebrations for students who will not be able to return home for the celebrations.

“Students celebrating Diwali with their peers will be a great outlet for the students at U of L.”

Tickets start at $3 for students.